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The Buckfast bee was developed by Brother Adam (1898-1996) at Buckfast Abbey, Devon, England. Brother Adam, whose civil name was Karl Kehrle, was born in Mittelbiberach, Germany and became a monk at the age of eleven when he was sent to the monastery by his mother.

The development of the Buckfast bee commenced when a significant portion of the British black bee was wiped out in the second decade of the last century due to an epidemic of acarine disease and or paralysis. The British strain of Apis mellifera mellifera was especially susceptible to the onslaught and was decimated across large areas of Britain; it seems that only a very small population managed to survive. At Buckfast the only colonies not affected by the disease were those headed by Ligurian queens and hybrids of these queens with British black bees.

This started Brother Adam on a lifelong quest to breed a strain of honey bee that would contain as many desirable qualities as possible for beekeepers with a goal of maximum production for a minimum of input on the part of the beekeeper. In order to do this however, it was necessary to be able to control the mating of the selected queens with selected drones and thus a mating station at a remote spot on Dartmoor was established in 1925, this was in continual use until the mid 1990’s. Buckfast theory includes that desirable characteristics in other bee populations are introduced into the main Buckfast lines. This is achieved by a process of crossing, selecting, culling and backcrossing. During these unique genetic combinations, characteristics that are not present in the parents often appear and if these new characteristics are deemed to be of value, an attempt is made to fix them within the line and then include them in the main Buckfast bee line.

The bees we have at bizzy bee apiaries are a strain of bee called buckfast. we use this type of honey bee because of there of good temperament, they are very good honey producers and have low tendency to swarm.
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